Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This N' That

See these matches? They make me laugh. On the box it says "Superior quality matches". Last night I was doing some experimenting and wanted to burn something. I had planned to use a butane lighter, but it was empty. Then I remembered I had this box of matches I had purchased on the way home from Artfest, so I decided to use them. The matches are long and I figured I could get a fair amount of burning done before the flame got close to my finger. Well the matches were terrible! I managed to use half the box to burn 3 small things! What ever happened to truth in advertising? These were a pyromaniac's worst nightmare. I would strike the match, it would do a big flare and then go out! So much for "superior quality"! It's a good thing I bought these for the graphics on the box and not because I wanted to light anything. I am voting them: "Matches I would most like to avoid having if I am ever stranded on a desert island."

My Faux Family Album is finished. I managed to find the right ribbon to bind it and voila! It's about an inch thick and it looks really nice. It will be interesting to see how the other folks finish theirs.

In other news, my friend Tiffini (you know the sweet sweet gal who made and sent me that beautiful and amazing charm bracelet as a surprise last March?) has just completed work on her online store. It's a beautiful and wondrous place and I have already ordered goodies! Pop on over and have a look. I know there will be things to tempt and delight you and amazingly, shipping is free! *faints* Congratulations Tiffini, your store is absolutely lovely!

Those of you who work with your hands, know how important your hands are. I have had ongoing issues with my hands. Believe it or not, my poor hands have been fraught with illness (3 different kinds!) in the last 4 months. Yesterday required another trip to the doc for another dose of news I did not want to hear. It's treatable, but I am growing weary of dealing with health challenges. That, added to other life "stuff" has left me feeling decidedly blue. The one bright spot right now is that my friend Liz is on her way here from England on Friday and we have plans to get together while she's in Vancouver. I can't wait. When I first met Liz, I loved her instantly. She is utterly lovely and a real kindred spirit-it was like I had known her forever. I am looking forward to us chatting up a storm and laughing till it hurts. Fly safely Liz and see you soon!


Sam I Am said...

ahhh..isn't it something when you meet someone..and you instantly know that you'll be Best friends forever???? :)
Have a fun time with your friend :)

Shari Beaubien said...

You crack me up, girl... pyromaniac and all! Just wanted to say 'HI!' and have a blast with Liz! Hugs, Shari

liz said...

ahhh!! thank you sweetie!! can't wait to see you too--only 2 more sleeps!! am working through my "how to survive while mom/wife is away" list for simon and the boys!!--nearly half way through now--LOL!!
sorry about your hands and your bad day--can't wait to give you a hug to help cheer you up!!
see you SOON!!!
liz xx

tiffini elektra x said...

Hey - I did not even see this until now. Thank you for the sweet post! You so ROCK!