Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sounds of Africa

It's been raining here so I have been spending alot of time housebound. Rain is a good excuse to batten down the hatches and make art. (Though the art making is going rather slowly right now since I am having problems with my hands.) When I am working, what I am listening to is as important as what I am doing. Music is an intergral part of my process and my tastes are pretty eclectic.

Today I had an absolute treat for the ears with Lady Smith Black Mambazo's Long Walk to Freedom. This is the South African acapella group that backed Paul Simon on his Graceland's album about 20 years ago. It's amazing to listen to this album and hear their voices weaving together seamlessly, creating such a rich blend of multi-layered harmonies. Their music is so uplifting and joyous and it transports me away to another time and place. It's the perfect music to "just be" with. Beautiful music and a chai latte-that is balm to my soul.


Jonna Barnett said...

I'm going to have to go out and listen to this one. So sorry to hear of your health problems. I can so relate...have been battling chronic neck, shoulder and upper backpain for years now. Good Luck.

Charlotte Kemsley said...

It's kinda fun and nice to think that all over the world, there's all of us sitting there, sipping tea, and listening to music whilst creating - I too have some of their music, and it *is* beautiful, haunting - sorry to hear your hands are giving you trouble, not great for an artist:-( Hope it improves soon.
Hugs, Charlotte x