Friday, April 27, 2007

Pseudo Cover Girl

I finally got a copy of the 1000 Atcs book I am in. It was interesting thumbing through it and seeing whose name I recognized. It has alot of fabric based ATCs, as well as other mixed media. A very nice coffee table book.

Anyway, after I had looked through it, I read the back cover and then noticed something. See on the left side, just under the black rectangle that says "Quarry" on it there is a little snippet of a pink card with a man's face on it? That's mine!! LOL! I am "almost" a cover girl. Kinda-sorta! That stamp, by the way is from Paper Artsy, the great company out of the UK that I do design work for. Anyway, that made me laugh this morning. A little piece of my art squeezed onto the cover. As we are fond of saying in this family "It beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!"

My other little piece of news is that I am going to be exhibiting my artwork at the Poirier branch of the Coquitlam Public Library in Coquitlam, BC, Canada from June 1st-30th. I am rather pleased by that. The library has these great display cabinets mounted on the walls in the entry hall and they invite local artists to share their work with the public there. I am really pleased to be able to do that. If you are local, please do go down and have a peek in June! I am planning to include the books I have contributed to and the artwork that was published of as part of my exhibit.

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tiffini elektra x said...

Congratulations on the book and also the exhibit! Hoping you will post pictures when it is up. . .would love to see the show!