Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Liz's Visit

Just a quick post on the fly-this week is incredibly busy! I taught an Altered Book class Sunday, prepped classes on Monday, was out all day with Liz on Tuesday. Today I am teaching Mixed media bracelets all day at a middle school and tomorrow is the start of my 5 part series "Mini Picasso"! WHEW! I do want to share with you my adventures with Liz yesterday though!

I picked Liz up at her dad's and the weather was looking very promising so I was really excited about that. We drove out to Fort Langley. (Liz had seen my post last week about the antique mall I love there and wanted to know if we could go. LOL! OF COURSE!!) I love going there and every time I visit I see new and wonderful things. I snapped this photo of Liz holding up one of the incredible things we found there. It's a huge rubber stamp-the kind where you turn a dial and the numbers change. It was about a foot and a half long and the handle is solid wood. It was a bit too expensive though at $55, or one of us would have bought it. Apparently it was used for marking lumber.

These are the spoils from my shopping. I found another toast holder and had to have it. I spotted one for Liz as well so we will both have these cool things on our desks to help tame the paper tigers. I also found a packet of 3 sets of vintage hooks & eyes from England for $4.50 and had to have them. (My love for sewing ephemera knows no bounds!)

The book was a steal at $3.65. It's from 1910 and has tons of ads and banking and industry type info about Canada in it. There is a section in it where it breaks down the towns in each province and gives a brief description of what's in the town and what prospects you might have there for business. Very cool! The whole thing is in mint condition and I will likely do some colour copies of many of the pages. I am always delighted to find old Canadiana.

Liz gave me this NYC Moleskine for my birthday. NYC has a very special place in my heart and I just love this journal. I have big plans for it! She also gave me a pretty bouquet of flowers from her dad's garden. THANK YOU LIZ! I had goodies for her too. I had set a tote bag aside after Artfest and just kept plunking things into it, so by the time she got it yesterday, it had all kids of neat stuff in it.

We had lunch at the 50's diner and then caught the little Albion Ferry across the Fraser to Maple Ridge. While we waited for our turn on the ferry, we enjoyed some amazing gelato. (I can't tell you how good it was!) Liz had never been out that way before and it was fun showing her some of my favourite haunts. We stopped in Pitt Meadows at Be Creative and then popped into one of the local scrapbooking stores to see what they had. (Nothing exciting.)

We ended up at my place and she got to meet my guys who think she is just as lovely as I said she was. We had dinner together (BBQ steak and for dessert, strawberry and rhubarb fruit crisp made with rhubarb fresh from my garden) before I drove her back to her dad's. It was such a great day and so relaxing to shop and talk and laugh with a treasured friend. My only regret is that she doesn't live closer! (Oh, if only!)


tiffini elektra x said...

OH how fun! I can not believe that huge rubber stamp! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! That strawberry and rhubarb crisp. . yum!! I love crisps!

janice said...

sounds like you 2 had a lot of fun...should i fess up that i have one of those stampers?...indeed they are a one of a kind find...great shopping...followed by wonderful kind of day! Waving to Liz and you to L..!

Anonymous said...

thank you SO much for a wonderful day!!! it couldn't have been better--it was SO great to spend time with you and meet your WONDERFUL guys!!
i wished i lived closer too--you'll HAVE to come see me in england---SOON!!
am all packed up and leaving in a few hours--will be in touch when i get home!!
love ya sweetie--and thanks again!!
liz xx
ps:the nut cruncher REALLY works!!

liz elayne said...

it is so delightful to read about your adventures. sounds like such fun! i love that huge number!