Friday, May 11, 2007

Check Them Out!

A few days ago, a package arrived from Tiffini Electra. I had ordered some goodies for myself and a gift for Liz. Tiffini packged everything up really nicely and added lots of little extras which was so sweet of her. This is one of her great pocket mirrors that I bought for myself. (Gotta love those darn crows!) I gave Liz one with a pretty yellow bird on it. Both mirrors came with soft velvet drawstring pouches to keep them from getting scratched in your purse. If you haven't checked out her store, you really must. It's full of lovely things and shipping is free!!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is that Farrell's new album, A Town Called Hell is now available via Amazon. It is also being distributed by Festival Records here in Canada. This album is wonderful! From the catchy title track "A Town Called Hell" to the hauntingly beautiful "A Murder of Crows" and everything in between, Farrell has done herself proud. I especially enjoyed her cover of Mary Gauthier's "I Drink", with it's sad honesty. This is the perfect album to sit back and unwind with-it's a rare treat and utterly soothing to the soul.

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