Sunday, May 13, 2007

Carving Fun!

Lookie! Lookie! I carved some rubber stamps! Yesterday I spent the day at Penn's studio just hanging out, yakking and working on various art projects. A couple weeks ago, Mick Mathers emailed me asking if he might have permission to use one of my photos in his digital artwork. (Again THANK YOU Mick for asking first!!) He very kindly sent me an envelope of 15 issues of his rubber stamp carving zine. I took them to Penn's yesterday so she could check them out (Penn is really good at carving.) and then watched as she carved one of my favourite images in the zines for me. (A little polk-a-dot armchair.) That's all it took-when I got home, I got out my own carving tools and made these three stamps!

It was fairly easy once I understood what to leave and what to carve away. (That was the part I was confused about.) I think when it comes to learning, I am a visual/kenetic learner. I learn by seeing and doing and it really helped to watch Penn carve one and then come home and carve one myself. It also helps to have fairly open designs when you are first starting out. Now I am thinking about what else I would like to carve. The possibilities are endless!


Kel x said...

I love them! Great job. I got the stamp carving bug a month or two ago and did a couple of simple patterns, not even pictures, and then jumped right in with a self-portrait, fool that I am, LOL.

Mick said...

Having just sent an email as regards the birdhouse photo and the fact that I mailed the old issues of ECQ a few weeks back, I figured I ought to check back here as well. Girl! Am I glad that I did. Your carvings are wonderful...stamp on!