Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Special Delivery

Last night a special delivery arrived on my doorstep. 18 handmade cards from the kids in Ms. Knowles' and Geissler's classes! I was *so* surprised and delighted. I can't tell you how lovely it was to be on the receiving end of this. I want to share some of what they said with all of you because if you were ever wondering why I teach, this is a perfect illustration:

"Thank you very, very VERY much for the bracelets! My mom was speechless!"

"Thank you so much for coming to (our school) TWICE! And helping us make both of those fantastic projects. Plese come back for fathers day, or any special day."

"Thank you for coming in our class room and being a good person. Thank you for helping on our Mothers day gift. It was very very fun! P.S. My mom loved it! and also come again for fathers day."

"Thank you so much for your help; I will always remember you. :)"

"My mom really liked it and she almost cried over it. I really want to thank you for spending your time helping us."

"Without you our mother wouldn't have been jumping with joy and thinking we actually got taught how to make it. Lelainia, it's a big thanks to you that my mom liked her gift even more this year than ever."

"At first she thought I bought it, so I guess it was good." (*giggle* That cracked me up!)

"Taught us craftsmanship, worked our fine motor skills, gave us the opportunity to be creative, to be generous and kind."

"I will miss you." (Awww! How sweet!)

And the most poignant of all:
"Thank you so much for helping make mother's day special. Working with you was very fun and my mum really liked the bracelet. The challenging project helped me take my mind off my dad, who recently passed away and that was very helpful to my sanity."

*sniff* WOW!
THANK YOU to all my students!!
If this doesn't show that kids are HUNGRY for opportunities to explore their own creativity, that doing so boosts their self esteem, that art heals and feeds their souls, then nothing does! It's experiences like this that clearly show us that we are robbing our kids when we don't strive to provide them with hands-on experiences like this.

It was a pleasure to be able to work with these students. I always feel like I receive far more than I give. (It's one of those lovely paradoxes of life.) I just show up and bring the tools, they provide the magic.


Anonymous said...

That is just lovely. Also another example of how kids are not all soulless selfish little slackers as they are so often accused of being. Give kids honest opportunities to learn and they will thrive. You're a good teacher because you are egoless in the best sense of the word. You are all about the students, not about your own ego. That is awesome.

Paulette said...

Awwww how wonderful! And also a "perfect illustration" of how great a teacher you are! xo

liz elayne said...

wow. that last note has me in tears. such a beautiful gift to give these students and then to be given one in return by their gratitude is wonderful.

thank you for sharing this!