Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Join the Revolution!

So Karen & Linda sent me one of their promotional postcards for the upcoming book "Journal Revolution: Rise Up and Create!" which is due out in September. I spent yesterday afternoon altering it as per their request and this is what I came up with-the two of them taking NYC by storm! LOL! It's silly and it's fun and sometimes it's nice just to make art for the sake of making art. (Which is really what their books are all about!)

Anyway, if you would like to play too, I believe you can! Just pop over to their website by clicking here. (They will be posting when they receive another batch of postcards to alter. The response was so huge they ran out!) The info about what to do with them when you get one is here. If you want to watch as the altered post cards begin rolling in, they will be posted here.

Awhile back when they first announced the title of their new book, I wrote some really goofy lyrics for them about it, but unfortunately, I can't find them or I would post them. Oh well!

And just out of sheer curiosity, are there any quilters/textile artists out there?


liz elayne said...

this altered postcard is fantastic! love it!

kelly rae said...

no cracks, no light.

thank you for that today. i have been thinking of it all day and it has totally helped me reframe my perspective of my experience yesterday.

thank you. you are a gem.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Long time quilter here! Just found you, what's up? Working on crazy patch quilted journal covers and scrapbook covers, and writing an eBook pattern about the process as well. Would love to jump in and join the fun! Nina