Saturday, June 09, 2007

Three of Three

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I was up at O'dark thirty this morning (5 a.m.) fresh with inspiration for my final triptych for the swap I am in. This one is called "Seamstress Row" and is hinged together with ribbons and buttons. I thought it would be fun to put the seamstresses in the dormer windows. These really were seamstresses-I took their faces from a vintage photo I own of a girl's sewing class. The measuring tapes on the roofs and the buttons are vintage from my collection. (Some call it a collection, I think it's more of an obsession in my case!) The flower lace pieces I hand dyed myself. It was fun to create three totally different triptychs-one from paper, one from metal and one from fabric. It was a good way to stretch my creative muscles.

So...I am all finished and I will put them in the mail today. Now I get to sit back and watch my mailbox to see what lovely triptychs I receive back. I can't wait! I will have to post them here when they arrive some time in July. (With each artist's permission, of course.) Stay tuned!

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erika t said...

Wow, i love these! NOw I am starting to wondering if I should of signed up for this one afterall...Thanks for the sneak peek!