Sunday, June 10, 2007


Ahhh more MOO cards! I ordered a few of the text ones just to see what they are like. I was playing around with all the different patterns they had. They're fun, but I made another order for the image ones using my art and they should be here this coming week. I love MOO!! If you haven't checked them out, you don't know what you're missing!

In the meantime, I thought it was a good time for an update:

Reading: Life's Golden Ticket by Brendon Berchard. If you read the review, it about covers what it's about. I am about 4 chapters in and it's interesting so far. I found out about it just by chance, checking online which books were new at my library.

Watching: So You Think You Can Dance? I started watching this series last summer and really enjoyed it. Unlike AI, you can't fake your talent. Either you can dance or you can't and the amount of work that the dancers have to put forward is amazing. I am hooked!

Listening: Life is Short Call Now, Bruce Cockburn. I like Bruce Cockburn alot. I find his music easy to listen to while I work.

Drinking: Chai Lattes. I will never get tired of them!

Anticipating: The returns for the triptych swap I am in as well as another one I am hosting. I can't wait to have artsy goodness in my mailbox!

Dreaming: About new projects I would like to do. I have a bunch of them noted in my Moleskine (my second brain) where I record all my art ideas as they occur to me. I am mulling one in particular over and am pretty excited about it...just have to fine tune the idea.

I am also dreaming about how I can organize some of my supplies better. I think tomorrow I am going to get an Ikea catalogue and see what my options are. I want to create a more organized environment to work in. It's not for lack of trying-it's for lack of space. I need to make the most of the small space I have, which means finding a way to house my supplies that makes sense. That's going to take some doing, but by summer's end, I would like to have that accomplished.

Doing: Working on my piece for the exchange I am hosting. I begin construction of it tomorrow! YAY! (It's kind of a secret or I would say more!)

Creating: Hmm..well in the last two weeks I have mainly worked on banners for sale in my etsy shop, the three triptychs for the swap and setting up the exhibit of my work at the library. I am looking forward to having some play time for the next couple of months and just relaxing and enjoying a bit of a break. This girl wants to PLAY!!


tiffini elektra x said...

I love chai! Such great taste you have.
P.S. Package on the way to you. [ =

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like you've covered everything that you've been up to in this post! I'm an avid "So you Think you can Dance" addict, also! You gotta love those reality shows! I'm also hooked on "Hell's Kitchen". Ever watched that one?

lindaharre said...

Don't you just love, So You Think You Can Dance???????????? My favorite show this season!!!!! This year the talent seems better than last year. I hate to see anyone go:( I think I am a frustrated dancer on the inside!