Monday, February 25, 2008

February's List

Hello from my little corner of the world! It's been awhile since I did "the list" so I thought that's what I would do today before I delve into the pile of stuff I want to work on! Without further adieu....

Reading: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. My friend Anna recommended this one. I haven't decided if I like it yet or not.

Watching: Breaking Bad which is not your average tv series. It's about a chemistry teacher who finds out he's dying of cancer and in order to spare his family from being left in debt after he dies, he teams up with a former student to cook meth. It's odd and dark and quirky, but really interesting.

Listening: Shawn Mullins. I am addicted and have pretty much bought all the albums I could get my hands on. Soul's Core and 8th Ward Pickin' Parlour are my most favourite. It's great studio music!

Drinking: Chai-is there anything else?

Anticipating: Artfest! I cannot wait! Only 36 days left!!

Dreaming: I've been thinking about new classes I plan to develop over the summer. Time to start making notes!

Doing: Having a little down time between workshops, which is great-this year has been really busy. I'm having a massage today too-YAY!

Creating: Working on my Artfest swaps today and writing an article.

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