Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scenes from My Studio

Chai, the best part of my morning. In my favourite cup, turned "backwards" so you can see the pretty flowers. (I drink left handed.) It's not just any chai, but the kind you buy at Starbuck's in the tetra pack, like this:

YUM!! I drink it alot and discovered that the best way to order it from Starbuck's is with no water. This makes your latte spicier, so you can actually taste the chai. I liken it to biting into a really good ginger snap cookie-it wakes your mouth up!

These lovely bits of nature came from where you catch the Keystone ferry to go to Port Townsend. Penn and I arrived there with plenty of time to beach comb, which is one of my favourite things to do, living here on the west coast.

I love how the white rock is so egg like. The other one had such a perfect and pretty band in it, I had to pick it up.The starfish I found in the tide line and it was completely and perfectly dried out. It's a faded orange colour. I thought it would look really cool in an assemblage, so I brought it home.

The big stick is like a gnarled finger and the small one has worm holes all over it. The roundish one is really pretty-I don't know how it was formed like it is, but it would make an interesting addition to some piece of work.

Speaking of work, this is a work in progress. I am still in the fiddling and adding stage, but it's coming along. I am pleased with how the background came together.

This is my new obsession. I *want* one!! Sadly, it is not available in Canada nor are the US retailers allowed to ship them here, so I cannot simply buy one online. I am hoping a friend might be able to bring one back. They aren't banned here-it's just that the manufacturer probably hasn't made a deal with retailers here to carry them. It seems insane though that I can't order one online though-whose stupid idea was that? I mean come on people-aren't we living in a global village? The Internet makes the world a much smaller place and it's just unfair to tease the rest of us with toys we can't get!

I am determined to get one though. If it had been available here, I would be gifted with one for Mother's Day tomorrow. My guys like nothing better than to buy me the latest gizmo. (Tip: Ladies-ask for tools and technology-you are guaranteed they won't mind shopping for it!) My son asked me what I wanted this year. I told him, so he asked me to find a source here to purchase it at, which was when we found out it wasn't possible. They won't be available in Canada till likely the end of 2008. *curses the tragedy of geography*

So yes, I *need* this Flip. I want to vlog! I have visions of doing fun stuff in the studio and posting it here. I want to shoot places where I go and show you how beautiful BC is. There's so much to share!


Tina said...

Oh, you're not going to believe this but Debbie and I just bought one last night for our shared Mothers Day gift to each other. I hadn't heard of it until last weekend when a friend brought hers over to share a video she'd shot. Once I read a bit about them I decided it was just the thing we needed.

Do you think I could mail you one?

Heather said...

Hey L, if you want me to locate and ship one of those babies for you, zip me and email. We have a Best Buy really close. No problem! Happy Mother's Day!!

bettyann said...

Yes I would love one of those flip I go to Rosie O blog and she uses it alot looks like fun..maybe next time u r in the states for a visit or get a Blaine PO Box Happy Mother's Day

abbymaya said...

My hubby got me one, in pink, for Christmas and I really love it. It's still hard for me to remember to use it all the time though.

Oh yes, I know the trick of asking for the gadgets from hubby! He picked up the ihome for me for my outside workshop so I can still listen to the ipod just because he knew I'd like it. He's all about the technology add on!

Anonymous said...

Lelainia -

Well us prarie girls love a bargain - Costco has the Tazo Chai concentrate in 3 packs for approx 10$! Yum.

Enjoy -