Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Mum's Song

This is for all us mums because...well...this is what we do every single day from the moment they are born. What cracks me up is the applause and cheering at the end. You can tell all the mothers in the audience loved it! Happy Mother's Day!


Donnamagic said...

Yes, I finally made it to the main page of my blog! It wasn't easy though. Our webmaster has 3-4 church blogs on his account. I have to sign in with his username and password to get to my blog. I can't "mess" with it like I would if it were my own. I tried that and changed all the blogs!!

I'm going to try your idea of chai tea in the latte! Yum!

And I really LOVE technology. I'm not as good as you are but I'm learning.

The Unity church in Branson has asked me to be their minister and spiritual leader. They are in the process of polling the congregation and having a town hall meeting in a week or two. If I'm hired, that will be a full time job and I'll be busy. At that point, I may try to start my own blog, independent of the webmaster at church...if I have time!

Your blogging encourages me!
Love, Donna

Catherine Witherell said...

I love this and listened to it 3 times!