Sunday, June 22, 2008


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This is just one of the backgrounds I have painted in the last week. I am having so much fun playing with paint. I am by no means a painter, but my goal this year was to learn how to incorporate paint into my work effectively.

I just love the colours of this and the process of getting it to this point. It's really just a matter of working the canvass till it gets to a point that you like what you see.

I am heading into Vancouver today and I am going to stop in at a couple of my favourite art stores so I can pick up some more paint colours. I don't have a very large collection and I would like to have more colour choices.

Problem is, every time I go to buy paint, I look at the colours that are available and they are all outside the pallet I like to work with. My tastes run along the muted folk art colours and most of the colours available are primaries. What ends up happening is I don't see anything I like and I come home empty handed. I guess the solution is to buy cheap acrylics because I know those come in my colours and I suppose it really doesn't matter whether I use professional quality paints or not. The result should be the same.

On another note, I have some exciting news to share shortly. I am very pleased about it and I'll be sharing it here as soon as I can!

Oh and can Carol in Grand Prairie email me at tatterededge at shaw dot ca please? You didn't give me any contact info so I couldn't email you. Thanks!

Okay folks, that's it for now. I am off to the wilds of Vancouver!

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