Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have officially declared this my "Summer of Freedom". What exactly does that mean? Well it means I am taking time this summer to experiment and learn new things and explore my own creativity.

To that end, I have been stocking up on art supplies, buying books for instruction and inspiration and I have even signed up for an online journalling class, which is now into week #3.

This morning I was thrilled to find my Amazon book order had arrived. Here's what was in it:

One of my housemates from Artfest 2006, Karen Nutter had this card and journal set and she brought it with her to Artfest. I had the chance to take a peek at it and I found it interesting. I love inspirational card sets-I own several, though this is the first mixed media themed one.

My friend Karenann Young owns this and I have heard good things about it. I am not much of a paper journaller-I prefer to blog, because it's faster and easier for me. I am however, an absolute paper junkie so I am trying to change my habits a bit. Not that I don't want to continue blogging, but I would also like to have something in a hard copy, just for myself. I have a stack of journals (it's sick really) that are just begging to be filled.

And then, of course, this book, just for eyecandy! How could I resist? For some reason, I thought it was a softcover, but it's actually hardcover. As soon as I finish this post, I am going to go read it. I love going over the minute details of things in Lynne's books.

So this summer might yield alot of new art or it might not. It will be about learning new techniques and playing and having fun. I may spend time with a journal or two at a local coffee shop. It's something I never do. (It seems hard to "make art" when I am not in my studio with everything I need close at hand, but perhaps that is the point-to get out of my comfort zone.) I want to broaden my horizons, have adventures and see what comes of it.

That experience begins today! I'll be posting updates on my summer of freedom, sharing what I discover along the way. Maybe you will do some exploring too and share with me what you learn-that's the beauty part of blogs and the Internet-it makes it possible to have a free exchange of ideas between artists, which makes our lives that much richer.


MB Shaw said...

A friend bought "Wreck this Journal" for 3 of us and we holed up together played with them. It is fun, prompts that make you laugh, some that make you go "ick", some that you avoid. Got me out of my box though
Not that I was very far in my box, but you know what I mean!
Rock on darlin'

arlene said...

Hi Lelainia,
That's a great goal!

I have Lynne's book and it is so inspiring!
I love the look of the Wide Open book. Did you order it from It says it's not yet available on
I'm wondering what the shipping and duty would be getting it across the border.