Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paper Exchange

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Calling all paper junkies! I know you're out there! I am looking for a couple of folks who would be interested in trading some old book pages with me. I am hoping to trade to increase the variety of paper fodder I have to create backgrounds with. Foreign text, math books, readers, maps, music sheets, and the like-all that stuff would be acceptable and what I am looking for. In return, I will send you some of the fun stuff I have!

If you are interested, please email me privately at tatterededge at shaw dot ca and we can discuss the details. Please only email if you are sincere about wanting to trade and will follow through. I would really like this to be a win-win situation.

Oh and just to remind you, I live in Canada so while this means I will have access to different things which may broaden your ephemera collection, it also means mailing internationally for most folks. That may or may not be a consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea! I live in Alberta, so mailing is easy. And I have lots of old books for fodder (grist for the mill, in my terms). I mostly have novels, plus a bit of nonfiction. I think the text or 2 that I have are glossy...will check my maps...have one book of Asian characters. Let me know what you think.
Carol in Grande Prairie

Deb said...

First off let me say I love your blog, your art work is amazing I know I'm going to be spending more time than I should hanging out here....... stumbling on your blog was meant to be.....I have the perfect book page package for you. I just had this blasted thing listed on eBay twice I might add and no bites... That's because it was waiting for me to find you and your call out for a paper trade!!!! It's yours for the taking if your interested. I have some very old 1733 pages in the lot most of the stuff is over 100 years old. Anywho it's yours if ya want it, I'm over at bearhavenbears.blogspot.com oh and I'm in Ontario so shipping shouldn't be tooooooo crazy...
Ta Ta Deborah