Monday, June 16, 2008

In Concert

Last night my husband and I and Lisa & Lance, our friends went to dinner at The Lime in Vancouver. The reason we went there is my pal Farrell was playing there, along with Tricia Klien & Frazey Ford of the Be Good Tanyas.

The venue was really great-we were actually sitting less than 5 feet from the stage, so we had prime seats. It was amazing to see the concert from that close.

Here is a clip of a song Farrell wrote and performed last night. (We join the song already in progress.)

Farrell is heading off in a matter of days for a year in Ireland to release her second album. I'm really going to miss her, especially around the holidays, but she'll be back in a year and we'll keep in touch via email while she's gone. I am really excited for her. It feels good to see the people you love happy in their lives.

If you are interested in checking out Farrell's first album, "A Town Called Hell" you can find it here or on iTunes. If you want to give her some love, pop by her blog and leave her a comment, why doncha?

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