Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Published in a Charming Book!

So in January 2007, I was invited to make art for a new book on collaborative mixed media jewellery. The book was a spin off of an exchange I was in. It finally hit the stands this month!
I was supposed to get an advanced copy, but unfortunately, it's been lost in the mail, so I am waiting on a replacement copy. In the meantime, I had asked my library to purchase a copy (for the mixed media section I have quietly been building in the last 5 years) and it came in on Friday. I was finally able to see the end results!

This is a charm I made using a metal tag, glass glitter from Papier Valise and a tiny real sea star from Hannah Grey.

That charm became the focal point of this beautiful bracelet. I love it since I live by the ocean. It's very west coast.

Another piece I created was the button bracelet base for this sewing themed bracelet. I went through my precious stash of vintage mother of pearl buttons to make it. I also created the measuring tape charm that is up on the top right. (Unfortunately, it got flipped over so you are actually looking at the back...oh well...)

This charm, which also became a focal point for a wonderful necklace was created using a cog from my Gramps' workshop. The leaf fold over and the metal bird came from Papier Valise. I added sheet music and ultra fine glitter (that I call faerie dust) over top of the music.

Ruth Rae and Kelly Snelling did a wonderful job pulling all the pieces together. If you are interested in collaborative art jewellery, this is the book for you! You can find more info on the Charming Exchange Blog.

I just love doing work for publication. It's the challenge of it that amuses me. It's never the same thing twice and I love working under a deadline. It really gets the creative juices flowing!

P.S. The photos in this post are not exactly as they appear in the book. My scanner is not working so I had the camera and the flash washed them out a bit. (My apologies!) Trust me, the book is waaaay better than it looks here!


Jennifer Conway said...

The book is BEAUTIFUL in person! I'm definitely going to be ordering one! Great job Lelainia!

arlene said...

The book is fabulous!! I saw Dawn's copy, and immediately had MY library order a copy. I also ordered one for me!
Your pieces are just beautiful Lelainia! Congratulations on being featured here!

xo arlene