Thursday, August 14, 2008

Charms for Charity

So about a week ago I mentioned that there was this project to raise money for ovarian cancer, Project Ties That Bind. The idea is that it's a collaborative doll, created around a wire dress form. The skirt will be made from neckties and the charms will be attached to the torso and then there will be a head and arms and all that good stuff.

I made two charms. The first is called "Love Lifted Me". I had the best time pounding the wire on my bench block and twisting and manipulating it. I love how folky it came out.

The second charm is "Angel of Courage". It's sort of a loose ode to Gilda Radner, who gift of laughter to the world was cut short by this disease. The hair is kind of Roseanne Roseannadanna-ish. I always loved Gilda. She was sweet and funny.

To see more charms for the project, please visit the Project Ties That Bind blog.

I've been busy making art this week for the collaborative I'm hosting, but I can't share my pages yet. It's going to be a great book and I am really excited about it.

The summer seems to be whipping by so quickly and I have really enjoyed having time off this year. Sometimes you need to shake things up and do something different. I had no idea we would have a puppy before the summer was over and I have to say, that has been one of the best thing about this summer! Another great thing is that the Artfest class list is up! It's that time of year again! YAY!

I hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer!


Mamarox said...

Both of these are charms are fabu!
The button in the center of the heart is a such a great color.

PS, I tab my Ikea catalog too

Kris Henderson said...

OH my Lelainia! I have to tell you that when were started researching charities for Ties That Bind, we seriously considered Gilda's Club, the foundation started in honor of Gilda Radner!
We even discussed making the doll in likeness of Gilda. So, I loved reading this about your charm! How cool! ;)

Gina said...

YOu are so kind hearted. And your work is absolutely beautiful!

arlene said...

I love the charms! What a great project...I hope I see more.

This summer has been busy and crazy ...and HOT!