Friday, October 10, 2008

Tales from the North

I didn't have a pic for today's post, so you get to see my pup Indy again! He's growing so quickly-he's up to 50 lbs. now. That's alot of Lab!

Anyway, the TV interview turned out well, all things considered. It's always so weird to see yourself on TV. Weird but in a good way. I enjoy doing TV, though I think live TV is so much easier.The only downside was that they spelled my name wrong-go figure! Thanks again to all the ladies that came out for the Atc swap and filming! And thanks Peter and Gallent for the opportunity. I really appreciate it. It was fun and I learned alot.

This weekend is a long one. It's Canadian Thanksgiving here. YAY! I already have the entire weekend planned with a trip to a local festival (more on that later), the baking of pies and cabbage rolls and the dinner on Monday. I am hoping to have some photos from our outdoor adventures this weekend for a later post.

In the meantime, I haven't done "the list" for some time, so here we go:

Reading: What it is by Lynda Barry. My friend Penn turned me onto this book and through most nights I am too exhausted to crack it open, I am slowly making my way through it. It's a book to be savoured anyway.

Watching: HOUSE, SYTYCD Canada, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, Heros, Amazing Race and ER. I am waiting for Breaking Bad and Rescue Me to come back on but they aren't due out till January.

Listening: I had almost $100 in iTunes credit so I have been busying songs as the spirits move me. Here are some of the most recent:
Walter Reed by Michael Penn
Sunrise, by Simply Red
The Thrill is Gone, by BB King
You Make it Real, by James Morrison
Blackwater , by The Doobie Brothers
Seminole Wind, by James Taylor
Legacy by Steve Acho

And a whole host of others. I love being able to buy songs one by one. Unless the entire album is stellar, I prefer to just buy what I will listen to.

Drinking: Lately it's been alot of Chai Lattes. It's getting cooler out and it's just so nice to wrap your hands around a warm cup. Oh and the Pumpkin loaf is to die for!!

Anticipating: I just ordered these from Etsy. I am so excited! I've wanted a pair for a long time and can't wait for them to show up in my post box!

Dreaming: Of going to a special place on Saturday and learning something new. I hope the weather is good and I can get some great photos!!

Doing; Trying to get caught up with work here in the studio so I can have a guilt free long weekend off! (Plus Tuesday is the Canadian elections and I am working it from 6 a.m. till 9 p.m. straight so no studio time on Tuesday!)

Creating: I am just starting a couple of projects. Hosting 2 and participating in one. Luckily they are all so different and will be done at different times, so I can juggle them. Also working on some design work and prepping for a class that starts next week.

Okay, I had better sign off and make the most of the work day today. Back with photos over the weekend!

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