Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lyrics and Light

I was wondering what I would write for my final entry of 2008. I thought about it all week and then an email came from a good friend who is very dear to my heart. We'd talked about Dar Williams earlier in the week and I guess she was still thinking about our conversation. She sent these lyrics to me, saying simply "This reminded me of you...and your friends." and I was very touched by the sentiment.

I can't think of a better way to close out 2008 and welcome 2009 than to share these lyrics with you and wish you the kind of light and love in your lives that my sacred circle of friends bring to mine.

My Friends

I have a friend in a bright and distant town,

She's found a common balance,

Where you do your work, and you do your love,

And they pay you, and praise your many talents.

And I'm passing through, and we're not going to sleep,

she laughs and puts on the tea,

She says, "You know I think you remember every part of me."

And the water starts to boil,

And if I had a camera

Showing all the light we give

and showing where the light extends,

I'd give it to my friends.

Sometimes I see myself, sometimes I need a witness.

And I like the whole truth,

but there are nights I only need forgiveness.

Sometimes they say, "I don't know who you are,

but let me walk with you some."

And I say, "I'm all alone, that's all,

you can't save me from all the wrong I've done."

But they're waiting all the same,

With their flashlights and their semaphores,

And I'll act like I have faith and like that faith never ends,

But I really just have friends.

~Dar Williams


Tina said...

I love Dar Williams! Those lyrics are wonderful! What a lovely ending and beginning hmm.

MB Shaw said...

Oh what a perfect song with wonderful lyrics. Happy happy to you :-) May the New Year bring you balance in all things - good health, great art, and peace within. Plus many cuddles with the pup and lots and lots of smiles.

Nancy Ward said...


Today, January 1, I posted an entry to my blog with a link to your Galleries.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward

Jeannine said...

Such a nice way to close out 2008.

You are a good friend to me.

You've also been awarded. Blogger won't let me link, so just check out my blog for info. :)

Happy 2009, L!

Jamie said...

These lyrics are perfect. Thank you so much for being a friend. Your words over this past year have been dear to me. Things have finally reached a calmer place:) Love, Jamie

etherealgirls said...

I love Dar Williams and it is always a surprise and a smile to find her. I took the name of my Etsy shop from one of her lyrics.


And I have a black lab that looks so much like yours--and tons of snow too!