Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 Days Into the Year

Time to update "the list", I think. It's been awhile!

Reading: I just picked up the newest issue of Somerset Life. So far I have only paged it to look at all the wonderful photos, but I plan to have some sit down time to read the articles. I also peeked at the premier issue of Stuffed and I think I want to buy it on Friday when I am near a Chapters. It's got some adorable things. Things with button eyes which are so charming.

Listening: Right now, I'm spending alot of time listening to my iPod through the iListen speaker system my son gave me for Xmas. I love it. It has a remote control so if I want to skip a song, no problem! I've mainly been listening to a CD Sally Turlington made for our last Artsmiths music project. It's a mix of instrumental meditation type music, along with some Gregorian chants. It's perfect for working in the studio.

I am also about to look on iTunes for the Hoggin' All the Covers CD from the Band from TV. I hadn't heard of it, but my best friend Lisa told me about it because I am a big HOUSE fan. Hugh Laurie (HOUSE) does keyboards, Greg Grumberg (Heros) is on drums and a host of other actors who also happen to be musicians make up the band. If you go to the website, you can get a taste of their music by watching the video clip from when they were on Jay Leno.

Drinking: Yesterday was a stressful day spent mostly on the phone with my insurance company (who are very good) and my bank's insurance counter (who are not so good) trying to sort out not one but two claims. One claim the bank seems to have not submitted and yet they keep insisting they did and the other is because some cretin broke into my car over the weekend. In a moment of sheer stupidity, this thieving scumbag failed to notice I had a trunk release latch and set to getting into my trunk via the backseat. The damage is considerable. Can you say $300 deductible boys and girls?

In any case, after dealing with all that, I needed a chai fix so off I went to Starbuck's. While I was standing in line, I spotted a cup I had to have. It's a buttermilk cream colour and stamped into the ceramic it says "Daily cup". I just liked the look of it. I have a thing for Starbuck's ceramic mugs. The lion's share of my collection are in deep dark red. Retail therapy always makes me feel better!

Anticipating: My birthday is two months away as of today and already plans are being made. Some folks dread their birthdays. Not me. It's the one day of the year that is special because it's yours. I love birthdays. Indy will also e celebrating his first birthday mid-March. I think a puppy cake is in order! He is so spoiled. *wink*

Dreaming: I haven't had much time to daydream lately. I've been too busy dealing with work stuff and life stuff. I am preparing for several workshops right now, all of which are happening the first two weeks of February.

Doing: I've been spending alot of time playing catch up with all the small details of life. It's the small stuff everyone puts off when they are busy with other things that eventually need dealing with. (Like dusting-OMG! the dust bunnies!) I don't mind though-I like cleaning. It's sort of meditative and I always feel better when my house is in order. I never like to let it get too far out of hand.

Creating: I have been feeling a pull lately of going back to my roots in textiles. Last week, I pulled out my floss boxes and my box with all my special needles, scissors, threaders and other tools for needlework. I made something, a small heart that I embellished with tiny, iridescent sequins. It's going to become a part of something larger, so it's not finished yet, but it felt really satisfying to work with needle and thread again. I see more of that in my future.

The one lovely thing about needlework is that you can take it with you anywhere and work on it. One spring, I spent a couple hours each day at a park. I would park in the lot and put my car radio on and sit and stitch after I dropped my son off at school. I would roll my window down and get some fresh air and just enjoy some time to myself and I could people watch while I worked. No one bothered me and I actually finished an amazing amount of work that way.

My friend Lisa Ryder finally got the journal I send, so I can share what I made her now. The picture above is how I wrapped her journal. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the actual journal before it was wrapped, but you can see it on her blog. She posted about it here. It was alot of fun making this for her. I always enjoy making gifts for friends. It's always so much more meaningful to give and receive handmade gifts, I think. We plan to do more projects together in the future.

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littlescrapsofmagic said...

I am so glad to discover another Starbucks cup addict! They seem to have a magnetic pull towards my house!