Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inspiration Boards

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So in my studio, on the wall in front of my desk, I have a white magnet board. My sweet, supportive husband gave me a rather nice gift card for Xmas 2007 for IKEA so I could get whatever I wanted for my studio. (Smart man! He got HUGE brownie points for that!)One of the things I bought was a couple of these magnet boards to hang in the studio.

Anyway, over time, I have added bits and pieces of art from friends, until the board has been filled like you see in the picture above. It hasn't always looked this way-things have been added in or switched out, as new art bits arrive. The point is, I have decided new year = new board. (Don't worry, I didn't get rid of the art that was on it-just made room for it in other parts of the studio.)

It's something I look at all day, every day and I want to fill it up with new inspiration. I want to cover it with things that hold meaning for me. For example, as you can see here, the one and only thing I have posted on it right now is a sticker that was given to me along with my training manual for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. I've put that up on my board because one of my dreams is to be selected to join the 2010 games team. That sticker signifies that dream. (The amazing studio house you can see in the pic is a gift from Jeannine Peragrine and of course I simply must have my voodoo art doll my friend Diane Moore gave me at AF last year close at hand. Those two things do not leave my desk!)

There are no rules. All that matters is that I add anything that seems important to me (art, magazine clippings, photos, letters, etc.) in the next 12 months. I think I will post pictures of my board here on my blog from time to time, because if you're anything like me, you have voyeuristic tendencies when it comes to how other people live. *laughs*

Speaking of voyeuristic tendencies, you can peek at a few inspiration boards now to get the gist of what I am talking about. There is one here that's interesting. There are tons more here. (God bless Flickr!)

And I am hoping that if I show you mine at some point, when it's covered, you'll show me yours by leaving me a link in the comments.
Here's to keepin' it fresh!


abbymaya said...

Must be a great minds moment, I have a white magnet board behind my desk to ponder when I want to daydream or get inspiration. I love that it's magnet so everything is easily changeable, plus I get to draw and write all around it!

As a fellow Olympics lover, I think it's awesome you could participate and be front and center. :)

Tina said...

I love this inspiration board. I've been thinking of putting up a simple cork board just for this purpose. I look forward to seeing it after it's full.

Jamie said...

I love your board! Mine is too small and gets covered so quickly. Too much inspiration out there:) I am having a give away of 1800's ledger papers and bird and egg collage sheets at Art-e-ology. Thought you might want to enter. Hope your week is going well. Love, Jamie