Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the Love of Dog

So on Sunday, I went with my best friends to take them to meet their new puppy at the breeders out in the valley. Indy's mum had puppies about 3 weeks ago, by the same dad as Indy, so this litter of six are his siblings.

This yellow lab pup is the one they chose. His name (I think!) is going to be Dexter. Isn't he precious? I love his tiny little ears. His tail is about half the length of my pinkie finger. He reminds me of a polar bear cub. I think he's going to be on the whiter side of yellow.

This little black puppy is also a boy. I got to hold him and his sister who is a chocolate. It's hard to believe my dog was ever this tiny. I never got to see him this small, but his brothers and sister sure are adorable.

My best friends will be taking Dexter home in about a month. They are going away for a week overseas, so we get to puppy sit while they are gone. We're so excited to be able to enjoy another puppy without all the work. I am Dexter's faerie dogmother. *laughs* Lisa is Indy's.

There's nothing better than puppies and I hope Lisa will enjoy hers as much as I do mine. I can't wait for our fur kids to meet. Puppypolooza!


art spirit said...

What cute puppies!
Love the slide show...the jelly fish looks surreal... and beautiful at the same time.
Love your "like "list...and thanks for your visit!

Kris Henderson said...

You will make the best faerie dogmother evah!

abbymaya said...

Super cute!

Jonna said...

HOw darling. I've posted some pics of our newest guy, Dylan on my blog. I had forgotten how much work puppies can be and how fast they grow.

sherry lee said...

These puppies are so adorable!!!!