Monday, May 25, 2009

Ocean Life

On Saturday, our family had the opportunity to go to the aquarium in Stanley Park. (If you check out the link, you can watch the belugas and otters on a live feed!) I took a ton of pictures and figured the easiest way to share them was to make a slide show.

My favourite things in the aquarium are the jelly fish, which I can stand and watch for hours-they are so soothing to watch and the sea horses which are just so oddly charming. My husband thinks they are one of the weirdest creatures on earth, but he loves them too.

I also really love the giant sea turtle. It's amazing to stand underneath it (the way the tank it lives in is situated) and watch something so big glide by effortlessly. Sea turtles are beautiful.

We also got to see a small group of baby fur seal which are on loan to our aquarium from Alaska so they can be studied. They were on the other side of their tank, but when we came to look at them and they saw us, they came right over to check us out. They played directly in front of where we were standing for quite some time.

After the aquarium, I went off to another area of Vancouver to the Beehive Hair Lounge & Spa where I got a fabulous sassy 'do from Jen, who is the best stylist EVER!! My hair is now 1000 times better than it was (chemo has taken all the curl out of it and it looked fried.) and I am so pleased.

When my husband came to meet me at the skytrain station afterwards, he parked because he didn't recognize me walking towards him. My hair is the shortest it's ever been in the 19 years we've been married. I thought that was pretty funny. He was so sweet, when I got to the car he said "Wow Honey, that looks great!" I love it-wash it, towel it and then ruffle some hair putty through it and I'm good to go! Perfect summer hair!THANKS JEN!!

The day kind of ended on a bit of a sour note though. When I got home, I slammed my next to baby toe into the foot post of our bed. I am pretty sure it's broken. It's purple and hurts like h*ll!! When I have a headache like I did on Saturday (having my hair done triggers a major headache, which is part of my MS) I get clumsy and stuff like that happens. So in exchange for great hair, I get a broken toe. *sigh* Well it was worth it. Now the trick is to keep Indy from stepping on it!


bettyann said...

I love the Aguarium..haven't been in had what I call a sweet and sour day..make sure you do RICE and take care..

sherry lee said...

Life is just like that isn't it? With the good often comes the bad...I'm sorry about your toe...that really DOES hurt...but I'm picturing your hair and I'll bet it's fabulous!

Love the aquarium photos..truly amazing!