Friday, May 22, 2009

Because Janice Asked...

(My shadow and sweet boy, Indiana Jones, who is one of the things I love best in this world.)

So my friend Janice asked her readers what they like. I thought it was an interesting question. It's fun to read this kind of post and see what you share in common with others. Feel free to share with me what you like-don't be shy-I'd like to know!

Here's my list:

I like poppies and beachcombing, poetry and music with banjos in it. I like chai lattes and going to the movies (often horror movies with my son) and devouring buttery popcorn. I like Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, The Be Good Tanyas, Jann Arden and Wailin' Jennys. (If it's a girl band and/or Canadian, I am listening to them!)

I like lobster and kalamari, red and aqua, bracelets, shopping for books, dark chocolate and New York City. I like travelling off the beaten path and seeing how people live. I like good architecture and clean lines. I like horses and dogs. I like messenger bags. I like gifts that come by mail.

I like little 1 inch buttons (the pin kind). I like long distance driving. I like spools and buttons and old textiles. I like measuring sticks and rulers. I like Rescue Me, Breaking Bad and Deadliest Catch. I like holding hands with my husband. I like cooking for friends. I like making people laugh. I like working with my hands.

I like that my friends are prolific and talented and good human beings. I like speaking Spanish. I like singing in foreign languages. I like Buddhas. I like a challenge. I like words. I like old wooden handled rubber stamps. I like chicken and rice. I like snow and being surrounded by mountains. I like the smell of the ocean.

I like being organized. I like breakfast cooked by my husband. I like learning. I like to be barefoot. I like storms. I like sleeping under a duvet. I like my iPod. I like fresh baked bread and the smell of a campfire. I like Maple and Arbutus trees. I like journals and office supply stores. I like working in my jammies. I like hugs and kindness and social awareness. I like meeting new people and making new friends.

I like alphabet and numbers. I like gelato and sorbets. I like wearing rings. I like BBQing. I like anything and everything a bout mountaineering. I like the Dalai Lama. I like shopping online. I like that my birthday always lasts about a month long. I like autumn and pumpkins and the changing colour of the leaves. I like going to the dog park with Indy.

...and I like blogging. :)


halowrites said...

what a great post! and I love that in the picture of Indy, I can see the journal I made you in the background. :) <3

sherry lee said...

What an amazing, wonderful list!!! I love it. It made me think about all the wonderful things I like so tomorrow, I'm going to do a post about that too!!! Thanks for inspiring me (and for your Janice for beginning the inspiration!).