Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Update

So, I am sure you know by now, from my past posts on the subject, that I am a huge proponent of the library. Here in BC we have a wonderful library system. I can browse the books in my library's catalogue and place a hold on them right from the comfort of my own home, in my jammies, if I want. I can also search a BC wide database for books my branch doesn't have on the shelves and have it delivered there for FREE so I can read whatever I want.

Another fabulous thing about our system, is that I can request that they purchase books that I think would be interesting to read to add to their collection. I've been really lucky because over the years, I have never been turned down for anything I've asked for. In fact, I just had THREE books come in that I specifically asked them to buy.

You'll remember that I have confessed before that I am quietly building up the mixed media section in my branch. Since I did the workshops and exhibits over the last two years at my branch, I've gained a fan base *giggles* amongst the librarians. Now when I get them to purchase books, they are hot on my heels to borrow them right after I get first shot at reading them!

In any case, two of the new purchases I asked for are these, show here. Studio 36, by Susan Tuttle is the one I am reading right now. It's chock full of information about specific artists and how they work, which I find interesting. I can't say much more than that, as I have barely scratched the surface, but it looks really inviting and informative.

This book, Rejuvenated Jewels by Amy Hanna caught my eye. I wanted to see what was inside. While it's not big on technique (there is some basic wire wrapping and aging info) her book is largely eye candy, but it's inspiring, just the same. Obviously, any pieces that she might inspire the reader to create will be 100% different, as she is using bits and bobs gleaned from thrift stores, antique sales and the like, so you'll never find exactly what she's used. That's not a problem though-it just means her book is to be used more as a jumping off point for your work, which I think is great.

Her pieces are very Victorian in nature and quite high end looking, but it's the combination of broken bits of old jewellery combined with one another than makes it so appealing.

The library has let me know they have another jewellery book waiting for me and I will be picking it up this afternoon. I am excited to see what's in that one!

I haven't had much time or energy to work in the studio this last week. I had another round of chemo on Wednesday and I am trying to recover now. My son has his grad dinner/dance and after grad party this weekend and I want to have enough energy to take part in the festivities, so I've been trying to rest up. (Thus the pile of art books, along with the first season of Rescue Me on dvd that he gave me for Mother's Day to make lying on the couch, resting do-able. I am *so* not a lie around, do nothing person-it's hard for me!)

We just went out this morning to purchase his graduation gift and also a birthday gift as his 18th birthday is the following week. He's going to be so surprised and pleased with what we chose, I think. (It's a secret!)

The most exciting bit of news I have is that my best friend Lisa is getting a yellow Lab puppy from the same breeder that we got Indy from. Indy's mum Trixie gave birth to a litter of 6 pups on Tuesday and Lisa's puppy is going to be a boy, who is on the white side of the yellow Lab colour. There was just one in that colour-Indy's mum is a black (like Indy) and the dad is a chocolate. (Same dad as Indy's.)

We are thrilled to be able to enjoy another Lab puppy without having to do all the work! *laughs* Lisa fell so in love with Indy she had to have one of her own and we are so glad she's getting Indy's little brother. I can't wait to see them play together. It's going to be a few months till their little guy will be ready to come home with them, but I saw pics and he's adorable. He looks like a polar bear cub-teeny tiny and a little pink nose.

Well, that's all I've got for now! Have a safe long weekend, fellow Canadians. (Doesn't it seem odd that it's a week earlier this year? It caught me off guard-usually it falls around the 24th.)


sherry lee said...

I love my library too ... for all the reasons you list. Never thought about recommending books for them to purchase...but will be doing that now!!

An 18th birthday and a graduation is very definitely want to rest up and be ready for that!!

Have a beautiful long weekend...we used to call it "firecracker day" when we were kids...I'm much more respectful now and call it Victoria Day!!! :)

abbymaya said...

I have both of those books and love them ... along with puppies of all kinds!

Sending you good thoughts for healing and resting up for the grad party. Such an exciting time for your son and family.

Jamie said...

What a wonderful library! So smart of you to make fan girls out of the librarians! LOL!!! That's good networking:) You sound so excited about yor son's gift and graduation. Rest lots and enjoy "Rescue Me"! It is one of my favorites and I have never missed an episode. Thinking of you Sweet Lelainia. Love, Jamie

bettyann said...

You have a fan base amonst other artists too.. rest up and be well..enjoy alll the festivities..yes I love our library system..