Friday, May 08, 2009


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Sorry folks-I didn't mean to post such serious life stuff and then disappear! I had to step away from the internet for a few days, but I am back now and all is reasonable well. (Or as well as it ever was....)

THANK YOU for all the thoughtful and kind comments and emails about my last post. It was a bit nerve wracking to "out" myself about my diagnosis, but I *think* I am glad I did it. Keeping that kind of a secret felt incongruant with who I really am, even though at the time it was necessary. It feels freeing to not have to worry about people knowing or not knowing anymore.

In any case, there will be new posts, post haste!

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sherry lee said...

Life is busy and hectic and many times it plays out away from the computer (which is a good thing!). Being in the moment, being where we need to be at that time is all that matters...though it is good to hear from you ♥

I love this photograph...what a beautiful flower and the colour is exquisite!