Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Art at the PNE

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) was on for the last two weeks here. It's the annual fair everyone goes to. This year they seemed to have alot of great art exhibits.

This is "Container Art" which was an installation inside these giant shipping containers. With Vancouver being a port city, we see alot of these around and it's kind of cool that someone thought to turn them into art galleries.

This is the entryway into the gallery area. There were 8 individual containers that were either open so you could walk right in and look at the art or had the art inside and were like a giant shadow box, so you stood outside looking in.

This is one where you could walk right in. On all sides of the container, were paintings that were similar to this one. Around the edges there was sand and driftwood, creating a beach-like feel to the container.

This is one where you just stood outside and looked in. I loved all the neon, it was really cool.

It had a sort of "Mad Max" feel to it-lots of car parts.

This was one of the walls. The neon light is reflected in the metal of the sun image.

This was on the opposite wall-more car parts. If you look closely, you can see it's the make and model pieces off a variety of cars all assembled together. Amazing!

Another section of the PNE has a competition where people make 3D sculptures from cans of donated food. This is to raise awareness and donations for the local food bank. I liked the earth sculpture. It's made from tuna tins.

Then there was Wall-E...

And a dinosaur hatching from an egg...

And Marvin the Martian....

And then a house which was made by and large from tins of chicken broth and tomato sauce. You just never know what you are going to see at the PNE.

Tomorrow I will post pics of the sand sculptures because there are so many that it needs its own post. The artistry is incredible-I was amazed with what they can do with sand. Wait till you see!

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