Wednesday, September 09, 2009

PNE Sand Sculptures

Here, as promised are the sand sculptures from the PNE. This year, for some reason, they hid them way down on the back side of the fair where almost no one goes-it's not a very high traffic area and I think it's kind of a shame because the artists who worked on these did an incredible job and I don't think most people realized where they were.

This first pic is of a detail of one of the sculptures. I just really liked the octopus peeking out from the bottom. It reminded me of Artfest.

Here's a pirate, which my son referred to as "The Johnny Depp one". *laughs* Apparently, pirates=Johnny Depp- there were no pirates before Jack Sparrow in his mind. Too funny!

Mermaid sisters...

A guy in a row boat. The face on this one was just creepy.

Not too sure what this one was...sort of a Tiki/Poseidon theme, I think.

The details on the face of this one is incredible. You'd think they were carving clay the way they got the folds in the skin and the teeth done.

This one is ocean themed and the one that has the octopus on the far side of it. (You can't see it from this angle.)

I think this one is either Mayan or Inca. Either way, it's really something.

THis one reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I don't think it was, but the girl looks like Alice.

This one was HUGE. Look at the size of the hands!

I love sand sculptures. They are to BC what snow sculptures are to Manitoba, where I grew up. It's really great to see so much art at the fair and I liked that there was a diversity in what was shown-there was something for everyone!

*Did anyone other than me happen to notice that today is 09/09/09?!

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Jeanette Janson said...

These are amazing!! Did you get to watch them do the carving? That is the really fun part! They go so fast and they know exactly what they are doing.