Monday, September 28, 2009

A Trio Of Things To Inspire

It took me awhile, but here are the pics from the Richmond Art Gallery's annual ATC show. A couple of them are a tad blurry, due to the fact that I borrowed a friend's camera as I had forgotten mine and wasn't familiar with the settings on hers. Most of them came out okay and that's the main thing.

There were tons of really interesting cards and this is only a small sampling. If you are local and want to see more, the show is on till the end of October, so you have plenty of time to see it. It's worth going-there's plenty of different techniques used and I guarantee you will walk away inspired.

I came across this great book the other day. It's also chock full of inspiration so you might want to check it out. It's includes work by the lovely and talented Jan Bode Smiley, who gave me my start in doing work for publishing and equally lovely and talented Stephanie Rubiano, among others.

One other thing I wanted to tell you about is a documentary I rented over the weekend. It's called Running the Sahara and it's amazing. It's the story of three ultra marathon runners who decide to run from the west coast to the east coast of the Sahara Desert, passing through 6 African countries in the course of their journey.

If you are a runner or someone who likes adventure stories or just someone who would like to see the breathtaking scenery of Africa, I highly recommend seeing this movie. I watched it twice. It's not only compelling in terms of what these three athletes were trying to accomplish, but also because you get to see parts of the world that we seldom see or hear about. It was really beautifully done and so inspiring!

Okay, time for me to get busy here in the studio. I have a few projects I need to finish up!


sherry ♥ lee said...

Lovely share!!! I'm amazed at some of this ATC's all fabulous!

Diva Kreszl said...

fabulous!!! thanks for sharing these photos