Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Eve

That's a sneak peek of a little project I am working on, mainly for my own amusement. I just love the colours. Autumn is such a pretty time of year! My one regret right now is that while I thought about it, I didn't plan to host an Autumn/Hallowe'en exchange. Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday-it was my beloved Gramps' birthday and it holds really good memories for me. I wish I had decided to do it.*sad face*

Anyway...time to update "the list" so here goes:

Reading: I am 17 chapters into Dan Brown's new novel "The Lost Symbol". Usually it doesn't take me very long to read books, but with the chronic headache condition I have, it's become hard to read for long periods of time. On a good day I can still do it, but on a bad day, it's impossible. It's okay though-it just means I savour each book I read that much more.

Watching: All my fav shows are back on except for two. So far I am watching House, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and SO You Think You Can Dance. Rescue Me is on a different schedule and just had the season finale and Breaking Bad hasn't returned yet.

I've tried to follow Heros, I hung in there last season which was painful, but if I am not engaged by this week's ep which I have on tape, then I am going to stop watching. It's just gotten to convoluted (too many superfluous characters) to follow. It's too bad too because the first couple of seasons were so engaging.

Listening: Yesterday Jesse Cook released a new album, "The Samba Frontier" which I promptly downloaded from iTunes. It's a wonderful album if you like flamenco guitar. His music is deeply textured and delicious. I listen to his music in the studio and often when I can't sleep. It's very soothing.

Canadian singer-songwriter Jann Arden also has a new album out, "Free". My favourite track is "A Million Miles Away". I believe she's at the top of the iTunes charts. Way to go Jann!

Anticipating: Thanksgiving is coming up in 2 weeks, along with the Cranberry Fest. I am hoping that the weather is good for that. It's always a good time and a wonderful celebration of the holidays. Our 19th wedding anniversary is also coming up at the end of October, so there's another reason to celebrate!

Dreaming: I am mulling over the possibility of hosting an art circle-sort of a party/art making day with friends. Not sure when I will have time for this, but it's been rattling around in the back of my head for awhile. Food, friends, art, what's not to love about that?

Doing: Working towards finishing a couple projects I have on the go and doing a bit of purging/reorganizing in the studio. My goal is to have all the art want to frame, framed and hung by the end of the year. It mainly requires measuring and a trip or two to Ikea for the big black chunky frames I like. It's one of those things I've been putting off for ages.

Creating: Working on a fall themed project (see pic above) just for fun.

So what are YOU doing? I really want to know!
Leave a post here and tell me!


sherry ♥ lee said...

You HAVE been busy!!! I've been reading (just finishing Amy Tan's memoir which I'm loving), I've been putting together a zine (my first ever!)which is now for sale (breast cancer fundraiser). I'm working through "The Joy Diet" with Jamie Ridler at The Next Chapter and I'm doing Julie Prichard's "Super Nova". Tomorrow I start Carmen Torbus' "spill it" and I'm thinking about redecorating my house. This seems to be a productive time of year!

As for framing art -- I have a lot of that to do as well. Why do I let that sit and not enjoy it as soon as I buy it or make it?!?!

Pilar said...

You put me to shame! You are rockin' out with all your activities and projects. I agree with you regarding Heroes. I stopped watching it last season. I do hope the show rebounds because the original season was so good. I am so happy House and Greys are back. Hurray! Let me know how Dan Brown's book turns out. : D