Thursday, October 01, 2009

Does This Jacket Make Me Look Canadian?

Behold my new winter jacket! I went out this morning and was freezing-it was raining and windy-enough so that the wind was practically ripping my umbrella out of my hand, so when my husband got home, we went shopping for a new jacket.

Just before we left the house, we were watching the noon news and they had just unveiled the athlete's uniforms for the 2010 games. I loved what I saw, so we decided to go look at Olympic apparel while we were at the mall. I decided I absolutely loved this jacket, (it's red so how could I not?!?) so it's mine!

These are the crests on either arm. (Sorry the one is so dark!)

I also bought this polar fleece toque. It's cozy and it has the little ear flaps so once it's on, no wind is going to bother my ears. The jacket also has a hood, so I am going to be toasty warm!

Of course I find this all just a little bit amusing-Canadians as a whole tend to be very quietly patriotic and here I am going to be running around town in a jacket that practically screams "I AM CANADIAN!!" Oh well, it makes me happy and keeps me warm and that's the important thing.

Of course my husband is already eyeing up my jacket. I promised him that if I get one just like or similar to it as part of my uniform for the games, I will give him this one. Speaking of which, I've been invited to go see the unveiling of our uniforms in a couple of weeks, so I am very excited. Having seen how tastefully done these ones are, it bodes well for something equally nice for us! *fingers crossed*


halowrites said...

oh, I like that! very smart, and very patriotic. :)

sherry ♥ lee said...

Oh yes, this jacket will definitely make you look Canadian, especially if worn with the toque!!

Hey,if men (and many women!) can hoist a can of beer and yell I AM CANADIAN then I think you can wear your jacket and do the same...(just be sure not to spill any beer on it!!)

We are quietly patriotic indeed, but I have to say I think this jacket is one of the nicest pieces of apparel made for an Olympics!!

I know you will wear it proudly!!

Dawn Supina said...

I was looking for winter jackets the other day and spotted a red and white one and thought: Hm ~ that would certainly give a patriotic Canadian look to my wardrobe ~ hehee. You will look smashing in your new jacket. Hope it's warm and cozy too!