Saturday, August 07, 2010

Zine Update & Art Supply Finds

(Random graffiti downtown.)

First of all, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has ordered a copy of Manual Dexterity issue #1 so far. Your response has been heartwarming. I am busy working on issue #2 now, with plans to make it available for purchase as well. There are still a few copies of #1 left (very few!) so if you'd like to order one, now would be the time! Info about ordering is here.

Last week I came across Tim Holtz tissue tapes locally and decided to try them. I am hooked! The tapes are thin and have a bit of translucentcy about them. I really like the way they look once you lay them on a page and they are relatively inexpensive. (Always a plus!) They're a great accent for mixed media journals, which is where I tried mine out.

I'm becoming a tape junkie-I've got washi tapes, printed packing tapes and now this tissue tape. If you want to try some out, Ginny of Small Studio has them. She is on vacation till late August, but do bookmark her website-she has a great selection and excellent service. Incidentally, the set I purchased was Marketplace-I have a thing for numbers and as the tape rolls out, the print keeps changing.

Now I am on a quest to find poster tape, which I think is made by the good folks at 3M. I don't know if it's available in Canada or not-I'll have to have a look-see. I have some ideas I want to try out and I need that tape!

Also in my travels, I purchased this adroable little camera rubber stamp. I've never seen anything quite like it and it will come in handy for a number of projects. It's wood and though you can't really tell by this photo, the lense is the handle you hold when you're stamping. Apparently, this stamp comes in a variety of designs, each one depicting different styles of cameras. I will have to keep an eye out-I've love to add a few more to my collection.

Speaking of stamps, I scored a whole pile of wooden handles off old stamps at Urban Source. I found them in the window of the balk section and snapped them up-I have a "thing" for old wooden handled stamps, though all the ones I own actually have the rubber attached. I have plenty of unmounted rubber, so I will go through it all and see what would be useful and attach it to the handles. I really need a big carousel to house the handled ones. The one I have now only holds 9 or 10. I'll have to nose around and see if I can find one locally-the shipping on something like that would probably be more than the item itself.

Okay, time for me to run off-Indy has his yearly vaccination appointment with our vet early this morning and seeing as I am the designated chief medical officer of both humans and fur kids alike, I'd better get a move on!


ginnycartersmallenburg said...

Thanks for mentioning my online shop! I am sorry that it is closed at the moment, but it will reopen in a week or two. I have Tim's tapes and many others, some are Washi tapes that are wonderful.
I am sorry to disappoint, but we are doing a big stamp show in Cincinnati OH next week and taking time for the Post was just too much.
Love the "Cross my art" graffiti and the little camera stamp. So clever.

Pilar said...

I, too, love tape. Tape is one of my favorite medias to use when I work on mail and journal art. Tape is our friend. : D

I also am a big fan of the old school wooden stamps with the handles. Often, they stamp beautifully due to the way the handle ensures the correct amount of pressure.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!