Thursday, August 05, 2010

Zines for Sale!!

Okay, you've been patient (for which I thank you!) and now I have a limited run of 10 copies of the first issue of Manual Dexterity available for purchase for $14.00/each which includes shipping to Canada or the US. (International buyers, please email me for a postage estimate.) I accept Paypal.

Manual Dexterity is a 1/4 fold style zine of 20 pages. Each zine is bound by hand, using a simple stab binding to hold it all together. I used the most gorgeous sparkly, copper penny coloured paper for the cover. This issue contains a few articles, one of which is a tutorial and 8 pages of art, printed in full colour as well as a packet of collage goodies!

And once again, because I think presentation is everything, I've sewn the zines into these paper bag pieces and added a "Subversive Material" sticker I created, because I think anything that comes in a plan brown wrapper is suspect. *grins*

So...if you want some of this artsy goodness (which makes for great summer reading and inspiration) for your very own, you can email me to purchase. Hurry though, because once they're gone, they're gone!

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