Friday, October 15, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign...

Isn't this both amusing and yet oddly weird at the same time? There's this one abutment downtown, near Science World, which I pass when we walk to Granville Island. The first time I noticed it, "I'm not lovin' it" was plastered on it. (In reference to Mc D's "I'm lovin' it!" advertising campaign. There's a big Mc. D's right across the street from where this abutment sits.) That made me laugh 'cause I wasn't "lovin' it" either.

Last month, it read "Cross my art and hope to buy." I think this latest one, "Meet your new leaders" is funny. The dog looks curiously like a certain big black dog we all know and love, but I'm not sure as to the identity of the feline sidekick. *wink*

I'd sure like to know who keeps posting these little ditties. I suppose some of the charm lies in not knowing where they come from or why. That's one of the things I love about the city-it's both weird and wonderful and keeps me constantly entertained.

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Beth said...

I think that is my little black kitty, Boo Kelsey :)