Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Natural Order of Things

The Natural Order of Things

Yesterday my husband and I drove out to the wilds to view the eagles who are gathering in the thousands to feast on the late spawn of salmon.

We walked the beach, the only two people (and a dog) there. It was absolutely quiet. We wandered for well over an hour, through a salmon graveyard. The fish, at the very end of their life cycle had washed up on the shore, many of them freezing in the sand. Some were whole, some nothing but hollow tangled skins and many, nothing but bones picked clean. I was utterly fascinated.

The eagles, giant, majestic birds were perched high in the snags. Some bald, some golden, all of them beautiful and breathtaking, in numbers too many to count.

That time, wandering slowly, taking notice of the light, the cold and revelling in the solitude of our surroundings felt sacred in a way that left me feeling deeply connected. I believe I see things differently now and experience them more fully through the lense. Nature has the power to move me again and again and I will remember this day for a long, long time.

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