Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Through the Grey: Week 1

Today is a hodge podge of still life images I've shot for the first week of Getting Through the Grey.  These berries are from my trip to the salmon graveyard. I thought they were interesting because they hung in clusters on branches that were otherwise utterly bare. I have no idea what they're called, but they're pretty. The words are a Dickens quote.

Another shot from my trip to the wilds. If you keep your eyes open, nature offers up beautiful still life tableaux for you to photograph.

This is an antique crockery bowl that belonged to my Grandmother, which houses my onions. There is a larger one that I keep potatoes in. These bowls remind me of home.

And lastly, a small snapshot of part of my day on Friday. I was nibbling the last of some Hershey's Hugs (white chocolate with milk chocolate stripes) and playing Words with Friends on my iPod. This is my version of a coffee break.

It's Monday today, so that means this week's lesson for Getting Through the Grey will be arriving in my inbox any minute now. I'm ready for some fresh inspiration! Bring it on!

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