Monday, February 27, 2012

121 Days

Copyright Lelainia Lloyd/Tattered Edge 2011-2012

So this is what an entire course of Getting Through the Grey looks like for me. This is four months worth of work which yielded a total of sixty-six completed images in 121 days. It's really cool to be able to look at it like this and see just how much I managed to accomplish.

A good number of these images are available in postcard form in my Etsy Shop, so if you saw something you liked, it may just be available for purchase!

So what's next? Well my plan is to take a second round of Swan Dive. Since my beloved Picnik is shutting down in mid-April, it's time to make friends with Photoshop and I think with Vivienne's gentle guidance, it may just be possible. (And I'm always willing to keep an open mind when it comes to what's possible.)


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