Saturday, March 03, 2012

Taking Advantage

Little White Church, 1897

We took advantage of a break in the weather this morning to get out and get some fresh air. We drove out to Ft. Langley. It's quiet there in the off season, which makes wandering the village really nice. Mostly we passed other dog owners. Everyone else was sleeping in.

We walked along the Bedford Channel. We had the whole place to ourselves. Indy got to run around off leash and even waded into the water up to his chest while I shot photos of this charming little white church across the water which sits on a reserve. It was built in 1897. One of these days when I get a zoom lense for my camera, I'll go back and photograph it again. Despite the lack of zoom lense, I like how this photo came out. The colours are so typical of the west coast at this time of year.

I'll Come Running
At one point, Indy came rocketing down the path to find me (I was trailing far behind with my camera) and I captured his mad dash. I love how he's running so fast his ears are flapping. This is what love looks like.

As we wandered past my favourite antique mall, I spotted these Coke bottles. I like the way the light was glancing off them and the rust on the metal grid they we sitting in, inside a wooden crate.

I also like how they look in black and white. I am so grateful for digital technology that allows me to manipulate the photographs I take in so many amazing ways. It never gets old.

We raided a new candy shoppe in the village and came away with a bag full of our favourite candies from our respective childhoods. My goodies included Popeye cigarettes, sponge toffee, chocolate mints and Thrills gum. I was sad to hear that Thrills gum (the purple gum that tastes like soap) is no longer being made. The guy who owns the candy shoppe said what he had in stock was the last of what was available. This candy shoppe sure had a fantastic selection and the prices were ridiculously cheap. We'll be stopping in there again!

We stopped for coffee and chai and then headed over to a dog store we'd never been in before. (I call all pet supply stores "the dog store", in case you're wondering. They do not sell actual dogs. I call it the dog store because Indy is allowed to come in.) I wasn't in the door 2 minutes, when I found a Kong Genius toy I've been hunting high and low for for over a year. Kong is the only brand of toy I will buy Indy because they are incredibly durable and the company stands behind their products.

Anyway, I splurged and bought the Genius for Indy and put it away for his birthday. He will be 4 on March 15th. I know he's going to love it!

These are a couple shots from Granville Island from a couple weeks ago. I just got around to working on them the other day.

Soggy Dog
Indy, still wet after a swim. If ever there was a water dog, it's him. It's a good thing we have access to lots of lakes, rivers and oceans! He loves his time in the wilds just as much as we do. It's been tough getting out the last few weeks with the weather being so cold and miserable. Thank goodness spring is just around the corner!

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Carol Browne said...

Beautiful! First off, Indy is totally awesome and I love a good action shot of a dog in his element. Poor old Moosh would have loved to go for a swim with Indy. She was a water dog, too.

Second of all, the photo of the church? I adore it. Our next photoshoot should most definitely include a trip out that way. I would love it so much.

Thirdly, you early birds! I am really amazed by you. I'm a real sleeper-inner :-)