Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Notes From Here

As you can see, I am all geared up. I have my uber cool boots at the ready. Good thing too-our weather patterns here in the last week have been totally bizarre-everything from windstorms, to hail, to slush, to sneaux, to sun, to rain, to lightening. The most common meteorological term you will hear used here in BC is "mixed bag". (Small wonder!) Don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes! This is why you will always see those of us who live on the west coast dressed in layers. It's a survival skill people!

Only in Vancouver

Sunday afternoon, we took Indy for a swim in the ocean. Someone had hauled a wicker love seat onto the beach. I imagine they had to do it under the cover of darkness because it's not only a long way down to the beach from anywhere you might park a transport vehicle and also because if anyone saw that coming, they'd tell the movers to turn around and march it out of there. We are, after all, a pretty eco-friendly province and that is littering, big time!

I had my camera with me, so I snapped a photo. I'm sure the other dog owners thought I was a bit weird, but it just seemed so perfectly juxtaposed, that I couldn't resist. It makes for an interesting photograph, non? I imagine the city will be 'round to collect it before too long. That particular dog beach seems to attract the oddest random things to its shores. One day, there was a smashed up sailboat lying one it's side, deposited by the wind in a big storm we had.

Here's Indy, having his last winter swim. It's amazing to me that he pays no attention to how cold the water is. As soon as he catches the scent of the ocean, he tears down the bank and plunges in. Only the Labs are crazy enough to brave the waters this time of year.


Cheryl said...

I think the couch is a cool addition to the beach actually. It's rather bohemian.

Anonymous said...

I can imagie sitting on that couch and listening to the waves...why not??

Glad labs are as mad as Bruce when it comes to waves...