Friday, March 23, 2012

Important Stuff!

Prairie Girl

Yesterday was my birthday. THANK YOU to everyone who called, emailed or otherwise sent birthday greetings. I'm feelin' the love.

It was for the most part a quiet day, seeing as it fell on a Thursday, but my guys did take me out for dinner last night and then my son bought a big Black Forest cake for dessert. The celebration will continue over the weekend. I'm doing something fun, but that's a whole other post. 

This whole week, I've been the feature artist on Create Mixed Media for The Week As Art project. I had an email from Tonya Davenport saying that she's still looking for artists to visualize a week in 2012, so if you're interested, please get in touch with her. The project specifics and her contact info are here.

Wednesday night, a bunch of the Pulse of Mixed Media artist joined Seth Apter and a bunch of his fans in Tweet Chat for the Twitter Launch Party for his book. It was crazy fun-the chatter was non-stop and everyone had a really good time. The hour just flew by! If you missed out, check Seth's blog and see if his book tour is coming to a city near you. (And if so, save the date!) The info will be on the sidebar.

Also, Seth has been posting daily about the 31 spotlight artists in the book, so it's your chance to learn a little more about each of them. If you comment on any of these posts, he's putting your name into a draw to win a signed copy of his book, so definitely check it out! if all that's not enough, Seth has also issued an open call for artwork which once submitted will travel with him on his book tour. If you want the details about that, click here.

WHEW! I think that's all the important stuff I had to share. Meanwhile, I'm busy working on a zillion things at once. I've been doing alot of writing and HTML stuff for Papergirl Vancouver. (I'm working on the 2012 organizing committee.) I'll have details soon, including an open call, which I hope YOU will consider answering! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very busy and wonderful week!!! Don't you just love life when this happens!!!

g. said...

all good things & so perfect for your birthday month!!! and yes,twitter party was FUN! enjoy your weekend m'dear. xo

tracey clark said...

Happy Birthday! : )

Seth said...

Thanks for spreading the word on all of these things. And congrats on your numbers on CMM!