Tuesday, March 27, 2012


For my birthday, we went on a staycation. I won a stay at a trendy boutique hotel (with dog!) in downtown Vancouver, so we took advantage of it this past weekend. What was great is that I happened to chose the weekend with the best weather we've had all month! How's that for luck?!

 Broken Glass, Stanley Park Seawall

 Barnacles, Stanley Park Seawall

Tanker, Stanley Park


Sunrise, False Creek

Warehouse, Yaletown

Red Teapot, Granville Island

First Swim of Spring, Lynn Creek

 I loved being out in the sunshine all day for the last few days. We even got to dine al fresco three times. I have to say that sitting outside on a Sunday morning, eating breakfast and watching Vancouver wake up was the best. We're early morning people and it felt like the city was ours for a few hours-there's no one out just past sunrise except other dog owners and runners. 

I love this city.

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Carol Browne said...

Sounds so dreamy! I love these Vancouver photos - this weekend was perfect for a little in home vacay! Lucky you and lucky Indy - I love hotels that take pets.