Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vancouver's Hidden Gem

I'm now into my 2nd week of Swan Dive. I've already learned something new from taking this class a second time and I'm really enjoying meeting new classmates and reconnecting with familiar ones. Everyone dove right in and the work has been amazing already! This week, we're talkin' textures and I've been busy!

Our instructor, Vivienne lives in Vancouver and often shoots at a warehouse that is home to the motherload of all graffiti. I LOVE graffiti! Vivienne very kindly pointed me in the right direction and so on Saturday, my husband, Indy and I went to go check it out. I was not disappointed! This place is a hidden gem.

As I was wandering around, snapping photos, two guys pulled up in a truck and began unloading painting supplies. They are two of the artists who have been working on the building for some time. I'll have to go back in the summer and see  how the building has evolved.


The warehouse itself is a really interesting building. The wood is weathered and aged and lots of the windows are broken. I could see the faded evidence of signage near the roof line from days gone by. I shot a ton of photos and it's likely you'll see more of them here, as time goes on.

My apparent gift for finding couches in bizarre settings is becoming a bit of a joke and I couldn't resist documenting them too. Perhaps this is going to become a new series?!?  This is #2 in a series I like to call Urban Couches.*laughs*

Only In Vancouver

This is #1, which was shot at the dog beach a couple weeks ago. The dogs (predictably) had had a go at it and I imagine the city has carted it off by now.

I've also been revisiting some photos I shot for previous classes, but never worked with. Sometimes there is wisdom in waiting to work on something until you know what you want to do with it, as is the case with this image. I shot this graffiti (the words) on the edge of Chinatown last summer and now I've layered with various textures.

An "art" installation on the grounds of the Vancouver Museum, also from last summer. No cloning here-this is what it actually looks like! 


This shot is a favourite from my visit to the salmon graveyard in the fall.
As always, click on the images if you want to view them larger.


Before & After

I am adding this before and after image so you can see the dramatic difference between the photograph I shot and the results post-processing can yield. THIS is my sweet spot of creativity and why I love Swan Dive so much!

Before I sign off, just a reminder that sign ups are in full swing for the Washi Tape exchange I'm hosting. Just 5 more days to join the fun!
Details are here.

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Karenann Young said...

Love your photos and what you did with them!!! I've tried taking pictures but they really suck. You have a great eye for this!