Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Most Beautiful Day

 False Creek, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am going to remember Monday as the most beautiful day of late spring. Everything seemed sharper, more in focus and brighter. I love watching the change in the light from season to season. Every season's light has a different hue. Thanks to Vivienne, I've become a light hunter.

Science World got a face lift after 25 years and it looks all the better for it. It was built for Expo '86 and served as Sochi 2014 House during the Olympics. 

Dragon Boats

This would make a pretty blog banner, if I were so inclined.

If I'm quiet, it's because I've got alot going on right now. I'm finishing up the last week of Montage and working on a number of projects. 

Farewell Spring 2012, you were a good one! 

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