Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Doin's

 Didja miss Indy? I just realized it's been awhile since I've posted a pic of my beautiful boy. He's modeling his new Chuck-it ball, which is an odd shape so it bounces unpredictably. Besides swimming, fetching is his favourite thing. We have a toy box full of different Chuck-it balls. There are only two companies that make toys that are Lab durable-Kong and Chuck-it. I should own stock!

Indy and I spent the morning zipping around. (I seriously need a bumper sticker that says "Dog is my co-pilot".) We dropped my husband off at work, made a trip to the pet store to pick up kibble and the aforementioned new toy and then hit the freeway out to Langley to go art supply shopping. I bought a stack of new papers, which since it was storming when I took the photos, don't show to their best advantage here. They are bright oranges, limes and vintage aquas. I was inspired by Mary Ann Moss' latest travel journal. 
Next to aqua and red, I love aqua and orange together. The lime green was on a whim. (I have a bit of an obsession for circles.)

I also came across some washi tapes. I've been on the hunt for some orange for awhile and it seems to be the hardest colour to find. When I saw these, I had to snap them up!

I also bought a set of numbered flag rubber stamps-they are just small (2x1 inches) and will work well in journals. They're numbers 0-9 and are cling mounted. Good stuff!

I'm kinda glad I got out early this morning-it got warm and sunny, so Indy and I had a nice coffee break at Starbuck's and ran into a decommissioned service dog who was also a black Lab and could have passed for Indy's brother. Widget worked with his owner's daughter, who has autism. He was very sweet. Our two boys got plenty of attention while we enjoyed the sun-everybody loves a Lab. 

Later in the day, I lay down for a nap and when I awoke, it was storming. Lots of wind and rain and now, 4 hours later, the skies have cleared. Crazy weather we're having! If it's like this tomorrow, I'll be glad to hole up in the studio and play with all my new goodies! I can think of worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Seth said...

Seems like a good time was had by all!

Carol Browne said...

The chuck-it ball? It sounds like hours of fun for Indie. He's awesome and very photogenic.

That washi tape is adorable. I love the one with the days of the week on it!

g. said...

sounds like a wonderful saturday spent with Mr. Jones. and nice washi! you've more on it's way this week...tee hee :)

bettyann said...

sounds like a fun day...where in Langley did you go shopping?

Deb said...

Indie ROCKS! Beautiful photo!
As for the weather, I'll take the storm. It was 99 yesterday - even with low humidity, 99 is flipping' hot! We've closed the drapes and turned on all the ceiling fans & we might just live through it all.
Give Indie a huge hug - BTW, I think you should submit his photo to Kong - he could be the next big star, like his mom :-)