Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Measuring the Impact

Sumi, the Vancouver 2010 
Paralympic Mascot

I have some big news to share: I was invited by Andrea Bundon to guest blog over at this week. Athletes First is part of Andrea's graduate student research project at the University of British Columbia.

In her own words, "The project explores how the internet can be used by people who share a comment interest (which in this case is disability sport) to discuss topics of concern to them."

I've been following Athletes First for some time now, on the recommendation of Josh Vander Vies, a Paralympian who competes for Canada in Boccia, because as anyone who has read my blog knows, I have a deep and abiding love for the Olympics and Paralympics. (On a side note, you simple have to watch this short documentary about Josh. It speaks so eloquently to the resiliency of the human spirit.)

I have learned so much from reading Andrea's blog. There's always amazing debates about what's posted and it's such delicious food for thought. Often things are brought up that I just hadn't considered and I've found myself more than once thinking differently about something as a result of the conversation that happens there. I love hearing other people's perspectives. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea in late May.

 Andrea is a long time competitor in rowing and cross country skiing. She has been a ski guide for  visually impaired Paralympic cross-country and biathlon skier Courtney Knight. Last week, when Andrea sent me an email, asking if I might be interested in guest blogging while she's away in the UK attending a conference, I immediately said YES! So...without further ado, here's the link to The 2010 Paralympics: A Personal Legacy.

Thank you Andrea for the opportunity to share my thoughts about the impact the 2010 Paralympics had on my life. With the 2012 Games a mere 8 days away, I am feeling particularly nostalgic about 2010.

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