Tuesday, August 21, 2012

YAYOM Whistler Part 1

Okay! I'm ready to share a few of my favourite self-portrait shots from YAYOM Whistler. My hand series continues. I don't think I'll ever get tired of shooting portraits of my hands. I especially love this one.

Vivienne had us try shooting ourselves at odd angles. I was forced to wear socks (which I never do in the summer) because I had wicked blisters on my heels from trooping around in the extreme heat. (It was 32C on Saturday!) I was so annoyed those socks were going to be in my photos, but as Vivienne pointed out, they were part of the story of that day. I didn't even notice till now that I had two odd socks on. Whatever! Sometimes you just have to say screw it and soldier on. 

 More shoe gazing. This is actually an art installation in a park. It's a chair that sits atop a hill. It's made from plaster and chicken wire (so it's free form) and it's inscribed with a bunch of writing in different languages.

Mmm! How I love black and white. Touching a fallen log.

This one is pure magic. That's the real colour of Lost Lake and I managed to capture the sunlight dancing on the water, which makes the most beautiful and magical bokeh. Which brings me to my next point....

(On purpose, not just by chance, which makes me really happy.) I also learned that there's a whole manual focus function I knew nothing about! THAT was worth the price of admission, right there!

Here's a fun shot of our class! We had the best time together. I always enjoy meeting new people and my classmates were lovely. Hopefully we'll keep in touch!

I'm still sifting though a raft of photographs and I have lots more to share in another post-yarn bombing, the Olympic Rings, some amazing food, graffiti and the spectacular scenery. In the meantime, Vivienne has posted about the weekend, so go check it out! Click here  for Vivienne's first post and here for post #2.


Carol Browne said...

Dreamy! I love your bokeh shots! I cannot wait to see more. Also, I never take photos of my hands. I think I should. AND I like the socks. It makes a nice contrast against your shoes.

Krista Kruger said...

Oh my, I am so jealous! The good kind of jealous. Looks like an amaxing time.