Wednesday, August 22, 2012

YAYOM Whistler Part 2: Graffiti

On Saturday, Vivienne took us to shoot photos in Ross Rebagliati Park. (Which ironically or appropriately, depending on which way you want to look at it, smelled like pot.) Anyway, I noticed there was a skate park there, filled with fantastic graffiti (one of my favourite things!) so I decided to come back early Sunday morning with my camera when it would be quieter.

This guy is the main artist responsible for all the caricature work in the skate park. I believe he's working on an image of Gene Simmons. I didn't get to ask him personally-the air was very fumy with all the paint he was spraying and he had a respirator on. (Smart guy!) Apparently (according to the 20-something skaters I talked to) Gene Simmons has a place up in Whistler, so he's sort of local.

The skater guys were very friendly. I think they were surprised to see my tooling around so very early in the morning, taking photos of their skate park. One of them chatted me up and when he discovered I was there for a photography course, pulled out his iPhone and started showing me all the shots he'd taken of his friends that morning. He was actually pretty talented-he got some great shots and they were really well composed. Talk art and you can instantly make friends with just about anybody!

There will be more about Whistler again tomorrow!

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Seth said...

I do love street art. Thanks for sharing the Canadian version here!!