Friday, October 12, 2012

Rose Coloured Glasses, Week 1

So Rose Coloured Glasses began on Monday. I'm back into the regular practice of shooting for class and it feels good. I just realized that I've been shooting now for 22 straight months. This is by far the largest body of work I've ever created and I'm pretty pleased about it.

I shot these birch trees up at the lake. They are one of my favourite trees because they remind me of home (the prairies) and you don't see too many of them here in BC. Yes, I have favourite trees. I'm weird like that. My other favourites are blue spruce, (my grandfather had them on his farm, so they also remind me of home) arbutus trees, and of course, Canada's beloved maple trees.

Autumn berries, up at the lake.

The trees are just beginning to turn now. We had an Indian Summer, so it was sunny and warm right up until a couple days ago. Now we're socked in with fog and it's supposed to rain. We haven't had rain in ages.

I love this sunlight and blur shot. I paired it with the Harvest Prayer I posted on Thanksgiving. 

 The secret world on a sunflower.

I think this is my favourite shot this week. I took it in my studio. I collect vintage scissors and pieces of old quilts. I love shooting still lifes.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful images!! I find Fall to be a great time of year to take pictures!!

Indigo Janson said...

Rose-Coloured Glasses sounds like an interesting class. The photos are beautiful and I was especially drawn to the one with the poem. Lovely pairing of words and image.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your blog but there is no way of following it besides bookmarking (doesn't work that well for me). I'm doing Kat's ecouse with you, starting this Sunday :) xxo

Krista Kruger said...

Really nice! I wish I had more time :)

Anonymous said...

All of the photos are lovely but the scissors shot is exquisite. I can feel a story in it.